Prince of Persia mod game in 41mb!

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Guys,in this blog I am going to show you how to download Prince of Persia fully modded game for Android


The features of my modded game are:-

1) Unlimited money

2) Unlimited lives

3) Unlimited coins

4) The game will run more smooth than original game

5) It will run on Android phones of version 3.0 and more

6) The game will take less loading time than original game

Guys, now it comes of how to download the game easily.You have to just dow load the game from my below link .

Then, just install the apk file and then cut & paste the obb file to your phone's Android>Obb

Now, it comes of how large the game is well, the game is not large I think you can download it very easily from my link

Link to download the game:-

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