WWE 2k18 Wr3d in 60mb !

WWE 2K18 - WR3D

WWE 2k18 , the most popular game on the internet nowadays.

In this post you shall know the whole process about how to download WWE 2K18 in just 60 mb free for Android.

Friends, as you know wwe 2k costs ₹550 on google playstore.And the file is also of 600 Mb .So , it will cost you a huge amount of data. I have compressed the game for you.

This Game is actually a mod of another wrestling game - Wrestling Revolution 3d. This Game is really a replica of wwe 2k18 game.

WWE 2k18 game till now has only been released for Ps4 , Ps3 and desktop devices. The developer of this game - take 2 interactive inclusives has still not released the android version of this game.

But, this Wr3d game provides you the taste and refreshment of WWE 2k18 game in just 60MB !


#1 The game is purely 100 % modded. This means you do not need to spend any money for using the paid app purchases.

#2 This game is highly compressed too !         It means that you do not need to waste your data pack downloading the large WWE 2k18 game.

#3 Wr3d game owes a very simple interface that is very simple to use. You can play the game very simply. This game does not hangs on most of the android phones tested.

This game suports all devices of these android phone developers:-

∆ Micromax India Private Limited

∆ Xiaomi Redmi Inclusives

∆ Samsung, South Korea Private inc.

∆ Google Inc. , South Carolina , U.S.A

∆ Oppo Mobile Developers

∆ Apple Global I.T. manufacturers and developers

#4 More Characters Unleashed :-

This mod of Wr3d game contains more characters when compared to the original version of the wrestling revolution 3d game.

This game contains some famous WWE westlers and their moves which are not available in the original version:-

∆ Roman Reigns

∆ John Cena

∆ Broc Lesnar

∆ Randy Orton

∆ The Undertaker

∆ Triple H

∆ Aj Styles

∆ Battista

∆ Kevin Owens

∆ Dein Ambrose

∆ Sheamous

∆ The Rock

∆ Fin Balor

∆ Chris Jericho


This game also has the original entrance music and style of the respective WWE superstars.

The entrances of Roman Reigns and John Cena are specially designed with the help of official wwe entrance music developers to give the users the joy of playing a realistic WWE game.


The sound quality has also been impressed to a great extent. As reported by some of the beta testers of this game the sound previously becamed hazy in middle of matches.

This problem has been cleared completely and now you can enjoy a good sound quality even while playing the game.



        After reading all these features of this Wr3d game you must want to download this game and try this at once !

Well , here  you shall get the genuine download links of the real Wr3d game.

Just click this link to download the  game:-



Category:- Wrestling

Game Developers:- Take 2 Interactive Users Inclusives

Game Name:- Wr3d ™

Ratings:- 4.0

Available on Playstore:- No

Internet Required:- No