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A Brief Discription...

Lords Mobile, is the #2 Top grossing strategic game on Google Play Store.

It is the winner of Android Excellence Game of 2017. The Game was released on March 11, 2016 . 

The Game Developers of this game are igg.com which is a renowned mobile game developer with offices around the world whose award - winning games include Lords Mobile Android And Desktop versions and Castle Clash.

 Lords Mobile has more than 50 millions downloads on Google Play Store itself.

 This Game is available for Android devices, iOS devices and desktops.

This game is in the trending page of Google Play Store on almost all countries from 2.5 years which is enough to show how this game is popular globally.

This game is based on planning. In the levels of this game you have to plan to get victory from your enemies.

 You have to kill your enemies, and destroy their base with the help of your strategy. This game has more than 130 millions global players.

  Lords Mobile, is the real-time strategy mobile MMO game chosen as one of Google Play's Most Competitive Games, and an Android Excellence Game of 2017!

In this game you can, explore exotic magical lands thrown into chaos by terrifying huge monsters and powerful enemies.

 You can also choose your favorite heroes, make new friends, and charge fearlessly into war!

You have to strike down your foes and build an empire! In order to strike your enemies you have to customise your weapons and army.

The game has wonderful graphics and amazing audio quality. This had made it the editor's choice on Google Play Store.

This game uses Google Play games for automatic sign in, leaderboards, achievements and many more things. The game grants you achievements for completing goals and skill based challenges.

My Personal Review...

It is ditto copy of other games like Mobile strike, vikings or final fantasy XV version.

They are fun but again if your not willing to drop a crazy amount of money into the game you'll never be the top anything and will always be burned.

Really all this game needs is a free to play server without purchases and one where you can cause people still will.

Even though you'll never beat the Chinese players hacking Google play cards. Other then that its really fun.

In most cases you may have to pay to win. There are heroes you can get only at castle lvl 25 and you can only get them if you pay with real money, and price is just ridiculous

How To Play

Lord Mobile, game is purely a stratigified  action game, in which you have to fight with members of other teams, that are online.

To play the game first of all you have to customise your army by selecting the number of various fighters that you want to include in your army.

In the fight you have to tap on your enemy's base to guide your soldiers where to attack.

 After a successful attack you have to soon defend your soldiers too, as more casualties in the war can lead your team to defeats in many fights.

If you are having large number of casualties then you have the option to surrender.

The team who got least number of casualties is declared the winner. The winner shall get points after V.I.P. 

The number of points to be rewarded depends upon the type of match you are playing. You can then use the points to buy different items in the game.

Thus, you need points everywhere. You can play this game with your friends too if they are online. In the game's levels you shall be given various tasks to buy perform such as building walls, upgrading weapons, and upgrading your army. 

In the 5th and 6th levels you can have a little problem, but that shall be over- ruled if you have been playing this game for more than 1 month. Experience is a huge factor to win in this game, the more you play this game the more you learn. The game's graphics and sound quality are excellent, you shall surely love them This game has 50+ levels that shall always entertain you and each level is amazing fully entertaining, and insanely refreshing. The tasks you shall get in this game are thrilling. The best part of this game is that you do not have to sign in daily to play the game. The servers of this game never hangs. This gives you a smooth gaming experience that you shall surely love ! The developers of this game consistently add new features so that the existing players do not get bored playing the game. You can Play Lords Mobile in Android, PlayStation 4, Apple iPhone and even in your laptop or your desktop.

Their are some basic techniques to attack and defend in the game. You shall learn this Techniques in the first level of this game. And, further if you have problems in playing this game then you can personally contact the game developers too.The customer support of this game is very good. Your complaint shall be dully entertained within 24 hours.

Although, I liked this game as its features were very easy to use. Completing levels take time but it depends on you. Graphics are very cute and clear, which I loved but in game purchasing equipment its not good but completing level get achieve all. Its cool because game as it is refreshing our mind. Graphics, are really great, an amazing and challenging game to play...
 The app- purchase packs needed to be a little bit cheaper. The rss needed to produce t4 and the time must be reduced as it takes too long. Its Fun in the beginning and after a while everyone ends up being too big to hit and it becomes really boring. The android version of this application is neglected, often bugs and the game forgets your data.

This game gives resources every time. I must say it is better than clash of clan and after few months it will surpass all games. Good game, but can put a option like hunting priority to see how much DMG is sufficient and also make the great Phantom a little more stronger.

 It takes too long to train troops and upgrade buildings. In this game you have plenty of things to do, a lot of people to meet and a lot of time to waste, however there are little annoying things like the notifications why aren't they all grouped into one notification?

Its annoying to have 7+ notifications every time unlocking the phone, and the map screen isn't smooth the frame rate is low. It now takes too much time to research ad construct even much food required.

How to Download Lords Mobile Mod

One of the problems that most people face is that in this Game there is very slow skill recovery.

In the Modified version of this game you get faster skill recovery which shall eventually lead to a better Gameplay.
To Download Lords Mobile Mod ( Faster Skill Recovery )

Step #1:- Download Apk and Obb.
Apk:- https://bit.ly/2ktUjeg

Step #2:- Download Z-Archiver from here.
Step #3:- Install the apk
Step #4:- Extract Obb and Cut & Paste it                         Android ~ Obb through Z-                                 Archiver. Now You can Play

Editor's Column

Here, you find a brief review of Lords Mobile And also the method to Download Lords Mobile Mod v1.66 to get Faster Recovery.

You can try lords Mobile Mod yourself and suggest us any changes. We had written this review with our own experience playing the game.

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