Pokemon On Switch Release Date : Director Stokes Flames on Speculation

  • very innocent comment made by an experienced Pokemon developer has made Pokemon fans speculating that a Pokemon Nintendo Switch announcement could soon be released in the Market.
After Huge success of Pokemon Android And Desktop Games the Pokemon Company Can very Soon release a Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game.

Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game Disperancy

At a very recent fan fest at a Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Junichi Masuda one of the most renowned Pokemon Directors has encouraged fans to buy Nintendo Switch.

Mr Junichi Masuda, is a  member of Pokemon Game Freak's board of directors and has been involved with the development of almost every Pokemon game. He started his career in the company as a composer for sounds in the Pok√©mon Games, but he also directed and                                          programmed many                                                  recent Pokemon Games

Also, he is part of the board of developers of the Pokemon company who makes the final decisions on new Pokemon designs.

This is not very strange that Pokemon company is promoting Nintendo Switch gaming consoles as Nintendo And Pokemon company has many business relations.
Now, at any time the Pokemon company can officially declare the release of New Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game. Earlier, in the case of Pokemon Go game too this situation had happened. Some of the officials that time had also announced the release unofficially.

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Till then, you must play other Pokemon Games available for PCs and Android Devices.