PUBG Mobile Review, Playing Tips, Error Fixes, Game Story and More

PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG or Playerunknown's battlegrounds is a battle royale game designed by Tencent Games. The Game is currently available for Personal Computer ( PCs ), Android Devices And Apple iPhones. However, in each platform mentioned above it works only on latest devices. For example, on Android platform you can play PUBG mobile only on Android Phones of 2GB+ R.A.M devices.

Similarly, on Apple iPhone platform it doesn't work on old iPhones.

Now, this game was a great success for the Tencent Games company as it is currently the second most downloaded PC game and is going to also be the world's most downloaded Android game if the current trend continue. This game has 100 million+  downloads on Google play. And, is the most trendy game for the Android platform.

It has been only 6 months of the game's release and it has become so popular that YouTube and reddit are full of PUBG gameplays. Now, it comes if the game is really worth to be downloaded or not ?

Some people, are complaining that hackers of the game never allow others to win the game. While others, say that this game hangs mostly on their devices and they think that this game is a rubbish.

In this post, you are going to get the answers of all these questions and I'm trying my best to clear all your doubts regarding the game.

My Personal PUBG Apk Review

Friend, from the past 6 months I have been playing PUBG mobile on my Android Phone. In my opinion, this game is smoothly operating on most of the android devices. I have personally tested it on Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5+.

 Before, playing this game I have played many other popular Battle Royale Android games like Rules of Survival and Garena Freefire Battleground. Friends, I cannot find much difference between PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival or Garena Freefire.

Except that, the server of PUBG Mobile hangs a lesser and requires less data.

I will not recommend you to download PUBG Mobile if you are currently living in a place where internet speed is low i.e. you are getting an internet speed of below 500 kbps ( for most devices ).

I have played PUBG mobile continuously for around 4 hours and hence it is a very addictive game. You will definitely enjoy its graphics and amazing audio quality.

 When the game starts you are dropped from a helicopter with a parachute.

Its really fun that time and you'll enjoy seeing the scenery at that time.

Its even more fun, when you are playing this game with your friends and family.

The Story of the PUBG game is as follows:-

100 players parachute onto a remote 8x8 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Players have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every player in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that forces players into a shrinking play zone.

Get ready to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing to be the ultimate winner !

The last man to be standing in the game gets a message of Winner ! Winner ! Chicken Dinner ! on his screen.

There are a very few app purchases in PUBG Mobile. Although, app purchases help you a lot in the game. Therefore, if you have a little Google Play credit then you can spend it in this game. Or else, you can use PUBG Mod version I'm which you shall get all the app purchases absolutely for free.

If you are signing in the game through your Facebook account then your game history and records are at risk as whenever you update the PUBG Mobile game then, all your records you achieved through sign in from your Facebook account shall be deleted. Therefore, I recommend you to do the full registration process before playing this game or else all your records may get cleared anytime.

Some players of this game also complaint that the brightness of the game is dim.

 But, I think that this clearly depends on your device's quality. Players on good quality & latest Android Phones are currently not facing this problem.

Now, the biggest problem of this game is that people are facing skilled game hackers. The Tencent Games, ( developers ) sat that PUBG Mobile cannot be hacked at all but it is proven that PUBG Mobile can be hacked if you have a Knowledge of gaming application coding. The best remedy to this problem is to fight in groups.

For example, you and your friends can form a group and always play PUBG together. The hackers cannot survive when 2 or 3 people attack on them at the same time. Thus, Unity is Strength.

Now, I am going to tell you few amazing features of this game One by One:-

1) PUBG Mobile is the most stable online game available for Android Devices.

Ihave played this game 1000+ times and it never crashes on my device. No pro gamer can deny this as PUBG Mobile is a very well coded Android game.

2) This games gives you the ability to chat with PUBG players globally. This means you can communicate with the global PUBG players. You can find them by entering PUBG player id. This can be really helpful when you want to play with your friends that are not near you.

3) PUBG game shows you a very few ads, when compared to other popular Android games. This feature impressed me really because advertisements really disturb our mind when playing an amazing game.

This creates a perfect gaming environment to refresh our mind and is really a blessing for our solitude.

4) PUBG Mobile game is frequently updated by its developers Tencent Games to fix the temporary bugs. Unlike, other popular games PUBG Mobile gets an update every month which makes fixing of bugs easy.

While the updates are large i.e. of approximately 1GB but it is worth the data.

5) You can connect to a PUBG PC player also. Unlinke many other popular multiplayer games the Mobile and desktop or iOS version of PUBG are interlinked and a player of any platform can connect with users of other platform.

6) This Game consumes less amount of internet data when compared to other games of this same category.

This means that you can play this game multiple times even with a normal internet pack of about 1GB per day.

7) This game provides you a good customer care support. If you are facing any problem while playing this game then you can definitely report it on Google Play and they will provide you a solution.

 I have reported a few bugs myself and they replied. Unlike, many other games the developers customer support is a little bit better.


Land as fast as possible

Hitting the ground before other players is essential, especially if you're landing in an area other players are aiming for, and particularly if it's a zone without much loot. We've actually put together a separate guide on how to land that's full of tips for getting your boots on the ground.

Know your landing zones

Sometimes you may want to land in a zone where there's top-quality loot, but that means more immediate competition from other like-minded players. Other times you might want to begin in a more secluded spot, even if it means a sparser selection of loot. Either way, learning the different areas is important, so we've built a separate article for it.

Don’t stop moving

When you’re in an exposed position or in an extended firefight keep moving as much as possible. If you know where your target is, move laterally to them. If you're looting outdoors, hit the Tab (inventory) key, then keep dancing with WASD as you drag items into your inventory with the mouse. Standing still is what gives enemies the time to line up headshots.

Use freelook

Battlegrounds is as much a game of Where's Waldo as anything else, and you've got to use your eyes well to win. Hold the Alt key to move your head, along with the camera, independently of your body. This is especially useful during the aerial decent, when you'll want to be scanning in all directions to spot parachutes.
Be careful Always
To win regularly in PUBG Mobile game you need to be careful always while playing the game. Whenever, you are playing the game on your Android Phone then carefully took a look on the movement of other player's movement as in PUBG 100 players are playing with you every time and each player is trying to kill everyone. 
Play Game Only When You have Time
Really, you must take care that you have enough time while playing PUBG Mobile. For example, you cannot think of playing Playing PUBG and listening music at the same time. Also, there is no option of pause in the game as it is always live. So, if you don't have time then don't start playing or else it will only waste your time.
Be Fast
Fast Movement is one of the golden keys to win Chicken Dinner every time in PUBG. If you are fast enough, then other players will not be able to target and kill you. Also, you shall easily kill the players and escape easily. If you are fast then you always, have an advantage in the game as you can collect the best weapons before anybody else would have captured it.



Navigate to the Settings App
Select WiFi and then click the blue “i” button on the right side of the connection cell
Locate the DNS header and select the cell with the Configure DNS option
Select the Manual option, and tap the green “+” symbol to add a new DNS server
Add Google DNS server using the numbers “” and “”
Hit Save. You should now have a new DNS on your device which should address the PUBG Mobile internet error.

The process for Android will vary slightly based on your operating system, the following steps are for a Galaxy S9 Plus on the latest Android Oreo update. These may not be the exact lists you need to follow, depending on your phone, but the process should be relatively similar no matter your Android device.
Open Settings
Tap Connection
Tap WiFi
Hold on the WiFi connection to which you’re currently connected and then tap “Manage network settings”
Under IP settings select Static. Leave IP address and Gateway as they are, but change DNS 1 and DNS 2 to and respectively.

Hit Save.
After following these steps, your internet connection on your phone may reboot, but at this time you should have addressed the PUBG Mobile internet error and will likely be able to get online without any other issues.

Question And Answers

Q-> Is PUBG free ?
Ans:- Yes, PUBG Mobile is Free to download but you have to pay for the app purchases and ad- free version .

Q-> Is PUBG available for all Android Phones ?
And:- No, you can play PUBG Mobile Only in latest Android Phones of RAM 2Gb or more and Android Lollipop + Operating system.

Q-> What is Size of PUBG Mobile ?
And:- Size of PUBG Mobile currently is 1.4Gb approximately.

Q-> What is the size of each update of PUBG Mobile ?
And:- Each update of PUBG Mobile is of 1Gb approximately.

Q-> Can PUBG Mobile be hacked ?
And:- Yes, PUBG Mobile can be HACKED by an expert of Gaming application developing.

Q-> Is PUBG worth- downloading ?
And:- Yes, PUBG is worth- downloading if you love battle royale games. Currently, it is second best battle royals game available for Android Phones after Fortnite Battle Royals.
Unfortunately, some people are still reporting problems even after following these steps. As a recent release, there’s still some work that the company needs to do on stability and performance, so if changing your DNS doesn’t fix the PUBG Mobile internet error, you may be left with the option of contacting support or just trying again later after a new patch is released.

Now, thanks for reading our whole post on PUBG Mobile : Review. Comment if you have any problem while playing the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I have tried to give you any information on the PUBG Mobile game. Following our post to get latest information about Android games.